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A New Look at “Budget” Food

What would you say if I told you that you could feed your family, roommates, and friends for $50-75 per person per month? Now what if I told you that this miracle could be accomplished with NO ramen, NO boxed dinners, and NO crazy coupon-lady extreme clipping?

Yeah, I know some of you would laugh. But this is no joke. With the recession hitting families harder and harder, many of us – particularly college students, young families, and single-parent households – are finding it harder to feed ourselves and our kids nutritious food that still tastes delicious and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

To combat these problems, I decided to start scouring the web for deals on food and healthy recipes that I could simplify for people on a tiny budget who make as little as minimum wage. (My husband and I both work part-time and make a little over $8 an hour. Our food budget per month is $120 with a little left over for emergencies.)

Feel free to modify my recipes to suit your particular needs; think of my recipes as guidelines or blueprints for meals. I know that we all have different budgets, dietary needs (my husband and I have a few allergies), and schedules. Do what works! Make it work! At the very least, try. The worst that could happen is that the Mayan calendar really was counting down to a doomsday, and we’ll all be charred crisps before long.

(By the way, don’t actually worry about the Mayan thing; my professor speaks Mayan, and they’re just counting down to an anniversary. Bring the balloons and bubbly!)

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